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Lost ratings

Those numbers are bad: 4 8 15 16 23 42...

Name: Charlie

2. Age: 22

3. A Brief Description of Yourself (likes, dislikes, etc): I'm a female who has been described as eccentric, tempermental, creative, intelligent, witty, polite, egotistical, lazy, cowardly and self centred. I agree, even with the negative ones. My passion in life is writing. I LOVE to write, to the point where I feel guilty if I'm not writing or depressed when I'm lacking in inspiration. I also love singing, though I'm not that good, and I can play the piano a little. I'm a bit of dreamer and have a big imagination but I also think of myself as a realist bordering on pessimist. I love fantasy...Harry Potter, Buffy, Narnia, Neverending Story, the Wizard of Oz - you name it. In short, I'm a bit of a geek and a big kid who is refusing to grow up.

4. Any hobbies or interests? Aside from stuff mentioned above, I also love musical theatre, shopping, food, and fashion. My biggest obession at present is the new 2005 Doctor Who series. My favourite websites are LJ and fanfiction.net

5. Would you go to the caves or the beach? The beach. Caves spook me because who knows what could be lurking in there?

6. Would you choose Locke or Jack for your leader? Locke. He seems more skilled in the jungle and Jack bugs me a lot of the time, though I don't know why.

7. What is your deepest desire? I want to publish a novel and become a famous, respected, well loved writer.

8. What is your biggest fear? Losing my loved ones.

9. Do you believe in fate? Completely. But I do also believe that we can make things happen for ourselves, too.

10. If you were saved from the island, and had the options of:
a) Never returning to the island
b) Revisiting the island for a documentary and a large pay check, which would you choose?

Without experiencing something like that it seems impossible to answer but I don't think I'd go back.

11. If you were saving three people, would you rather save two, at the expense the other’s life, or try to save all try them without guarantee that any of you would survive? It would all depend on who the people were (loved ones, strangers). If they were loved ones I'd try and save all of them. If they were strangers I'd actually let someone else altogether handle the situation.

12. Which is more valuable, science or faith? Science is hugely important. I'm not religous, and don't generally like religion, but I do think that a world without faith could be a very depressing place.

13. What do you think of love? I don't know what it is, at least not relationship love. Despite my inexperience, I do crave someone to love and someone who will love me in return for who I am. I think the concept of love is a very beautiful, powerful thing and yet sometimes it can be dangerous and heartbreaking. Hopefully one day I'll know what real love feels like.

14. Are you trust worthy of a secret? Yes. I used to be a bit of a blabber mouth in my school days but now I'm older and a bit more grown up, I can be trusted. Especially if it's really important to the other person.

15. What do look for in a friend and/or partner? Someone who shares my interest, someone who is attractive in both looks and personality. Someone who can make me laugh and who will always be there for me.

16. -FINALLY- Why would you have been on that plane to LA anyway? I'd be going on vacation. L.A is somewhere I've always wanted to visit.
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