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Those numbers are bad: 4 8 15 16 23 42...

1. Name: Laurel Tanner

2. Age: 13

3. A Brief Description of Yourself (likes, dislikes, etc): I think I'm a pretty normal girl. The things I care most about are my friends, my family, and my pets. I want to travel when I grow up. I also want to help people in other countries and maybe adopt some children. Anyway, I'm 5 feet 5 inches, have shoulder length brown hair with bangs, and I guess I'm sort of pretty. Well, not ugly at least! I really love Lost, Harry Potter, Alias, Gilmore Girls, My Super Sweet 16, Laguna Beach, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE in a very shallow non-commited way, America's Next Top Model. That show is so addicting.

4. Any hobbies or interests? I'm unhealthily addicted to Livejournal. I spend at least 2 hours on this damn website! As far as normal interests go, I love to act. I'm currently in The Music Man at a local theater, and loving it. I love to hang out with friends and just relax.

5. Would you go to the caves or the beach? Why? Well, I think the beach is much prettier and relaxing, and I'd feel like I had more room to run if something happened. But that would probably be false security. So I'd probably feel safer at the caves because most of the people are there.

6. Would you choose Locke or Jack for your leader? Why? Personally, I've always found Jack pretty annoying on the island. He's not that bad in the flashbacks, but on the island he only listens to himself. To me, Locke is a fascinating person. I really am interested in his connection to the island. I think he might not know exactly what he's doing or where he's going, but if nothing else I'd love to just observe him or something.

7. What is your deepest desire? I really, truly want to help people. When I'm older I want to join the Peace Corps. and help 3rd world countries.

8. What is your biggest fear? Well, I have some really close friends that I would just HATE to lose, and I'm pretty afraid that would happen if I changed schools. I also don't want any of my family members to die, especially if I don't get to say good bye.

9. Do you believe in fate? I think I do. It's not something I really think about often, but overall, I think fate is an element that guides us through our lives.

10. If you were saved from the island, and had the options of:
a) Never returning to the island
b) Revisiting the island for a documentary and a large pay check, which would you choose?

I think unless I had a really horrible experiance there, I would want to come back. I would still be fascinated by the island's mysteries and if I could find out more about them, I would definetaly want to.

11. If you were saving three people, would you rather save two, at the expense the other’s life, or try to save all try them without guarantee that any of you would survive? I would want to try and save all three, so that way at least we would all die together and we wouldn't have to feel guilty about leaving someone behind.

12. Which is more valuable, science or faith? Well, I've never been very religious, but I think religion can be very important to people. Science is valuable for making technological progress, and faith is what keeps many people going. I'm going to say faith is more valuable, because so many people rely on it to give them hope and something to live for, and people just don't feel that way about science.

13. What do you think of love? I've never been in love, but I think it sounds wonderful. I think love is a mutual feeling of caring for someone so much that you'd do anything for them, and truly knowing that they feel the same.

14. Are you trust worthy of a secret? Definetaly. Wellll, I do tell my closest friends most secrets, but if it's really important I won't tell anyone.

15. What do look for in a friend and/or partner? I want someone who I'm attracted to, heart and soul, and who cares about me as much as I care about them.

16. -FINALLY- Why would you have been on that plane to LA anyway? I would probably be coming back from doing a lot of traveling, and visiting my relatives in LA on my way home.

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