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1. Name Anne

2. Age 22 years old

3. A Brief Description of Yourself (likes, dislikes, etc) I'm 5'3" tall, with dark brown hair and brown eyes who is in her 3rd year of Uni majoring in History and Minoring in Public Policy and Admin. I'm a pessimist and yet born with a sarcastic humour. But friends deem me as a loyal and brave leader who's willing to take a chance in life.

4. Any hobbies or interests? Reading (am currently reading "Utopia" by Thomas More), I love catching the latest movies but I have a soft spot for horror movies. Plus, I love wasting my life away drinking coffee with my mates.

5. Would you go to the caves or the beach? Why? The Beach because it's open and I love the smell and noise of the ocean. Caves restrict my freedom to movie so the beach it is.

6. Would you choose Locke or Jack for your leader? Why? Jack. He's a born leader and he thinks for others before himself and he's a far better leader. Locke seems dangerous.

7. What is your deepest desire? To be free from restraint and to live life for me and to change the worldand make it a better place.

8. What is your biggest fear? Drowning and being alone.

9. Do you believe in fate? Yes.

10. If you were saved from the island, and had the options of:
a) Never returning to the island
b) Revisiting the island for a documentary and a large pay check, which would you choose?

I'd choose a).
Money doesn't guarantee you happiness.

11. If you were saving three people, would you rather save two, at the expense the other’s life, or try to save all try them without guarantee that any of you would survive?
If I could, I'd try and save all. Anything is possible.

12. Which is more valuable, science or faith? Faith. I'm a firm believer that Faith will be rewarded in the afterlife.

13. What do you think of love? I'm torn between believing it exists and that everyone lives happily ever after but in the end I'll just say that Love is something that can be shared between two people and it love means being able to cooperate and compromise.

14. Are you trust worthy of a secret? Yes.

15. What do look for in a friend and/or partner? Humour and Loyalty.

16. -FINALLY- Why would you have been on that plane to LA anyway? I would've been on my way to fulfill my ambition.
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