freckles815 (freckles815) wrote in lost_ratings,

1. Name - Brianna

2. Age - 14

3. A Brief Description of Yourself (likes, dislikes, etc) - Likes: Cheerleading, tennis fashion, movies, making graphics, hanging with my friends, california, the beach, reading, john steinbeck, harry potter, lotr, my cat, taking pictures, laughing, the aviator, finding neverland, johnny depp, playing my guitar (baby blue fender, which i love!), hot hot heat, maroon 5, the beatles, the dandy warhols, john mayer. Dislikes: snobby people, people who take up the whole aisle at the mall, mexican food, people who cant think for themselves. okay, im gonna stop cuz that was a little long.

4. Any hobbies or interests? reading, making graphics, writing hp fanfics, shopping, cheerleading, tennis

5. Would you go to the caves or the beach? Why? I would stay on the beach for as long as possible, but I think I would eventually move to the caves becuase its the smartest thing to do, if you really think about it. less sun, less sunburn, less chance of skin cancer. also, fresh water. and the dr. is there.

6. Would you choose Locke or Jack for your leader? Why? Wow, thats hard, but if I had to choose, I think I would go with Jack because he is smart and hes a doctor, so if I ever got hurt, I would at least have a bit more of a chance. Also, Jack just trys to have everyones best interests at heart.

7. What is your deepest desire? To move back to California, where i was born and lived for a long time

8. What is your biggest fear? Horses, which is wierd. or heights.

9. Do you believe in fate? You bet I do

10. If you were saved from the island, and had the options of:
a) Never returning to the island
b) Revisiting the island for a documentary and a large pay check, which would you choose?
I think I would revisit for a documentry, but as long as I wasn't the only one and I didn't get all the money, it was split between me and my fellow survivors.

11. If you were saving three people, would you rather save two, at the expense the other’s life, or try to save all try them without guarantee that any of you would survive? All without guarantee that we would survive

12. Which is more valuable, science or faith? faith

13. What do you think of love? i love love

14. Are you trust worthy of a secret? yes, i like to believe i am

15. What do look for in a friend and/or partner? humor and the ability to just be able to talk about any little silly thing

16. -FINALLY- Why would you have been on that plane to LA anyway? going home, moving back to cali

thanks for reading. :) EDIT: Um, this has been up for a couple of days...How long does it normally take for people to reply?
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