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1. Name: Amy

2. Age: 17

3. A Brief Description of Yourself (likes, dislikes, etc): I like people who can make me laugh and are spontanious. I dislike people with egos or people who take life too seriously. I don’t like it when people take the easy answers and don’t think any more of it.

4. Any hobbies or interests? Art, drama and acting, putzing on photoshop

5. Would you go to the caves or the beach? I probably would have moved to the caves.

6. Would you choose Locke or Jack for your leader? Why? Though in the series I love Locke and dislike Jack, I would follow the doctor. He has people skills and tries not to freak people the hell out.

7. What is your deepest desire? Stability and acceptance.

8. What is your biggest fear? Death or desertion

9. Do you believe in fate? I like to think so

10. If you were saved from the island, and had the options of:
a) Never returning to the island
b) Revisiting the island for a documentary and a large pay check, which would you choose?
In all honesty, I would visit again. Id want to even without the check.

11. If you were saving three people, would you rather save two, at the expense the other’s life, or try to save all try them without guarantee that any of you would survive?
Oh god, I will tear myself apart just considering this… probably saving two then trying my hardest for the third

12. Which is more valuable, science or faith?
faith... that makes sense for me

13. What do you think of love?
It can be the most powerful force in the world, but I am afraid to be hurt even while in a relationship

14. Are you trust worthy of a secret?

15. What do look for in a friend and/or partner? A guy who could double in a chick flick. I’m a sucker for mush. I’m big on chivalry.

16. -FINALLY- Why would you have been on that plane to LA anyway?
I probably would be coming home from vacation. I think its funny no one has had that reason yet lol.
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